September 2018 Blog

And, Pffff! Just like that, Summer has given way to Fall!

As homeowners, we’re always on the lookout for ways to get their sheds and garages organized as one season gives way to the next. Getting those summertime tools and outdoor accessories out of the way and making space for fall and winter equipment can be a challenge for people with smaller garages or sheds. Some people are just “fools for tools” and have way more equipment than they have space.

even tool and gadget junkies need solutions. Here are some easy strategies for making the most out of the storage space you do have and creating easy access to things like snowblowers, shovels, sleds and skis, just in time for a white winter.

ollowing this simple rule of thumb can solve many of your storage challenges:

When there’s Not Enough Floor Space, Look UP!

Once the frost is on the pumpkin and the days get shorter, the bicycles, trikes, and skateboards take a backseat to skis, snowboards and sleds. Rafter hooks are a perfect solution for getting them up and out of the way. Instead of taking up the entire floor space in your garage or shed, hanging bicycles, scooters, lawn trimmers, edger’s and other lightweight equipment around the perimeter of sheds and garages is the best solution for smaller spaces. Even people with larger garages and sheds know how quickly these tools and summertime playthings can suck up all the space in a room.

homeowners who have solar swimming pool covers and outdoor furniture, but not enough floor space, there is nothing worse than trying to stack up all that bulky and oddly shaped equipment in a corner of the garage. A simple pulley system and the right straps and hooks can make storing bulky or heavy items overhead a breeze. It also makes it so much easier to take your lawn and pool furniture and equipment back out when Spring comes knocking on the door once again.

If you
happen to be a real gardening junkie, but you don’t have a greenhouse or potting shed to store your tools, the easiest solution for hanging all your smaller summer gardening tools and accessories, is a simple peg board and some hooks, and you’re in business. In fact, you’ll be happy in the Spring-time when your gardening tools are all right there and ready to use.

you’ve already got storage shelves installed in the garage or shed and there still isn’t enough room, why not do a little Fall cleaning and having a pre-winter garage sale to get rid of stuff you just don’t use anymore.

take it from a seasoned homeowner like me:  don’t wait until you already have to haul out that snow blower and winter shovels. Stop by your local hardware store NOW and invest in some cheap and easy solutions for your Fall and Winter storage.

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