May 2018 Blog

It's Yard Sale Time
Now that May has arrived and with it the warmer weather, we’ll be seeing plenty of signs announcing garage and estate sales all over the place. In fact, it’s hard to drive more than a mile or two in and about town without seeing a colorful poster pinned to a corner streetlight post or telephone pole, pointing the way to one man’s trash that could very likely be your treasure.

This tried and true tradition has always been a wonderful way to clean out that spare room, garage or basement and be a great start to your spring-cleaning.

Now, if you want to clean out your clothing and accessories closet, it’s not always as easy to sell things at the sidewalk sale. Everyone has different tastes in clothing and, of course, there’s also the size factor to consider. After all, think about it – what are the chances of getting a lot of people in your size coming to your garage sale?

If you really want to clean out your clothing, shoes and accessories closets and drawers, there are dozens of online platforms for making some quick cash selling clothes you no longer wear. While some of them cater strictly to high end, designer fashions, there are also plenty of sites that specialize in vintage, eclectic or just regular everyday wear. Here’s a quick breakdown of just a few of them.

Probably the most well-known and most used online marketplace for used clothing and accessories, Poshmark has dozens of categories for types of clothing (e.g., “Prom dresses”), to brand names like Keds or designer labels like Kate Spade, Gucci, Coach and many others.

Poshmark also has a more “social” component – some may also think it’s a bit creepy. You can find items in people’s “closets” and, if they fit and they are your style, you can continue shopping from that seller. If you’re doing the selling, its relatively easy to set yourself up on Poshmark. And the good thing is, you keep 80 percent of your sale. All you need to do it set up your “closet” and start taking photos and sending them through your phone. When you make your sale, Poshmark sends you a shipping label and you’re good to go!

This site touts itself as the largest online thrift and consignment shop. It’s a great site for people who just want to pile their unused clothing into a bag and ship it off for someone else to sort and display. Or if you want to donate, no more trudging to Goodwill or the Salvation Army (and, did you know, by the way, that literally tons of clothing dropped into a Goodwill bin end up in textile waste landfills?).

There are three ways to send your stuff to ThredUP:

1. Go online and order a kit. You’ll be sent a large “bag” to fill up and return. If you simply want to donate, you’ll receive a tax receipt in the mail within two weeks.

Order a free standard consignment bag. Pay no fee and, within two weeks, you’ll get paid for items that are “accepted.

Order an “expedited bag and pay a fee of $16. In exchange, you’ll be paid within one week for items that have been accepted. 

My money is on the free bag – hey, what have you got to lose? 

Here’s a terrific site for people who are sentimental about their clothing. Do you still have a tee-shirt from the first rock concert you ever attended? Or maybe you have the blouse you were wearing the night he popped the question.

You never wear these things. But you can’t bear to part with them either. If that’s the case, Project Repat is for you. This group takes your precious items and transform them into blankets and quilts in a variety of sizes. They are proud to point out that their blankets and quilts are all made in the USA by people who make a “fair wage.”

Even more impressive, their tee-shirt quilts are backed using Polar-tec fleece, which is made from recycled plastic bottles! Wow – it doesn’t get better than that. You’re “buying” American and being good to the environment. Here’s the caveat: the blankets are not cheap, ranging in price from $70 to $250 plus shipping.

Of course, you can use the earnings from your sidewalk sale to pay for your one-of-a-kind sentimental quilt. So, get out there and start tagging your items for your garage sale. And happy online shopping and selling too!

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