July 2017 Blog

De-Cluttering Before You Move

You’ve made the decision to put your house or condo on the market. You’ve received some very important pointers about how to maximize your chances of getting the best offer in the shortest amount of time.

One of those suggestions is to de-clutter your space.

Sounds easy, right?

If you’re anything like me, perhaps you’ve saved every single copy of the New Yorker magazine since you started subscribing – thirty years ago. Or, maybe you’re a collector of seashells, teacups, vintage vases…the list is endless. 

Whether these are treasured items, or they’re collectibles that you’ve grown out of but just haven’t had the time to dispose of, the time is now to either pack them up, sell them, toss them or donate them.

But “How,” you ask

There are so many ways nowadays to rid yourself of unwanted, outgrown or never-used items. Depending on whether you are a “Boomer,” a “Gen X, Y, Millennial or a Gen Next,” you may opt for one method over another. But, who knows? You could be a web-savvy senior who already knows the ins and outs of selling stuff online. You could also be the type who enjoys holding an estate or garage sale. You want to meet the person who will be the next guardian of your precious collection of beer steins Hummel figurines… Or maybe you’ll have a field day haggling with bargain shoppers on Craig’s List and eBay.

You could also donate items that you don’t want to take along with you to your next home. There is a plethora of websites where you can display photos of your collections. You know the old saying: “One man’s (or woman’s) junk is another’s treasure.”

If you’re already overwhelmed just reading about this, take heart. There’s a growing “cottage industry” of professional organizers, who can sort through your belongings and help you decide what to take, what to toss and what to sell or donate.

For those of you who are willing to “call ‘em as you see ‘em” and recognize that you’ve amassed a lot of “stuff”  over the years, there are plenty of small businesses who will swoop down and haul out your unwanted items for a flat fee. There are also some Churches or Synagogues that will take away some items free of charge.  You’ll find there are some very reputable local businesses that specialize in junk(or “stuff”) removal.

Don’t forget about donating

Clearing out your clothing closets can be a liberating experience. Before you start packing up all those outfits you haven’t worn in a dog’s age, why not donate them instead to a local community shelter? Franklin Community Center and Wellspring in downtown Saratoga Springs will take clothing, as well as furniture and small appliances that are in good working order. You will not only be divesting yourself of items you no longer use; you’ll also be making a difference for a family in need.


So, before you start to panic, think about the best way for you to de-clutter and make your home more pleasing to that potential buyer out there. And, if you need any suggestions or advice on this topic, feel free to send me an email or call me!

Thanks, and happy de-cluttering!